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Social Media and The Crown

I've often heard that what one shares on social media does not reflect their true personality but rather, their "online" personality. I've always felt conflicted about that because well, social media was created for one to be social. Basically, persons get a glimpse as to who you are and decide whether they'd want to build a social network with you. Most times we may not agree with a meme but we find it funny, which I think is okay. There's some things on social media that may get a pass except for domestic violence, racism, prejudice/hate, bullying, terrorism, religious attacks and anything you'd hate happening to you. But I wanted to be specific for the young lady/gentleman vying for the crown. In a next blog post, I'll expand on what to post on your social media pages as a titleholder or contestant.

You can't just post anything. And after reading this...

I'm sure that we have all noticed that we are living in an age where persons are super sensitive but more so, in an age where 9/10 you may offend someone because you share a different view. But for me, it kills me to see titleholders or aspiring titleholders posting the most ridiculous things online. So I'll list below top three things we DO NOT want to see when we come to your page:

Number three:

Bullying or the putting down of others can take place in the form of sharing a post, commenting and affirming a post by means of liking it. Cyber-bullying is known to be one of the most dangerous avenues that lead to suicide and depression. As a titleholder but really as a human being, it is your duty despite differences to be a change agent and express kindness to everyone. So back to that saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself". Yeah, live by that because a lot of times I see people in general use their platform to tear down someone else and then have the audacity to post an encouraging post or better yet participate in pageants/events with an obvious front. You know, the empowerment events but really deep down, you're disingenuous and mean...

We may not say it but we're definitely thinking it.

We have to be so careful as to love and nurture ourselves and exercise humility. That is one of the only ways we'll be able to do the same for others.

Number two:

I know it seems funny, even for teens but not everything on the TikTok timeline has to make it to Facebook or Instagram. I've seen some really weird things with the connotation of sex and prejudice just be shared with boldness. Now, I know what you guys are going to say, "Girl, Chantel, these youngins know more than us." Okay but they shouldn't be given a hall pass to embrace a lot of the content that they're really not ready for but anyway, that's a parenting thing and I'm not there yet.

It's still okay to monitor your teen's profiles parents. I can say that now because back in my day, we didn't have much to monitor. Shoots, I didn't get my own personal cellphone until I graduated high school.

Accountability and responsibility are important as a titleholder. You have to be accountable for what you decide to post and share and you're responsible for how your actions are perceived. If you have to think twice about it then most probably, you shouldn't post it.

Number one:

Profanity and slurs. Now this should be a no-brainer but it isn't. Regardless of your background and how you may engage with family members/friends on your own time, you have to be careful of using terms that are offensive especially on public platforms.. We know which terms I am referring to so no need for me to break it down. We also don't have to pick and choose what words would be considered profane. Just because your favorite rapper said it, doesn't make it okay for you. Why? Because your goals compared to theirs are different.

That saying that, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me", is not exactly accurate. Your words can hurt you especially on social media. Persons are exposed, fired and humiliated because of reckless and insincere choices made on social media.

Here are some things though that you should be posting on your page as a contestant or titleholder:


Community activities especially in relation to your platform

Motivational posts

Non-compromising photos

And more!


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