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COVID-19 Cancelled My Pageant (3 Things You Should Be Doing)

I just as many pageant lovers were devastated to find out that our favorite pageants were cancelled during the pandemic. There are some pageants though that still prevailed and took the virtual route such as, (locally) Miss Teen Bahamas International and (internationally), The International Pageant Inc., Miss Earth United States and a few others. This experience would have been much different but in pageantry, one of the things we learn to do, is to adapt!

No stomping up the ballroom now because you're mad about who won. Have to do that from your favorite social media platform. How does that feel? Never mind, that was already a thing...

Anyway, regardless of the pandemic and your postponed pageant, this means when the time comes, you should be more than ready to slay in every category respective to your pageant. Here's some things that you, the judges, the audience and everyone else will want to know that you still got done during the short hiatus...or else we'll want to know:

Here are three things:

1. Getting more familiar with onstage questions and judges interview.

The vernacular next year should be supreme. No pressure. But now is the time to seek out coaches who are offering virtual services to ensure that you'll be more than prepared for next year. No coach? No problem. There are several pageant platforms online that offer free low gain to high gain questions for pageants. These questions can be used for interview and onstage. Look at the past pageant for your title of choice and see how queens did in the onstage question category. Now is the time to break out of your shell, cross out the verbal pauses and get confident in hearing yourself speak.

With everything going on right now? This is seriously what we all want.

2. Practicing walks and onstage performance.

Your living room is now your stage, so you better own it! Practice those turns, poses, facial expressions and prepare to shake the stage. Now is the time to invest in the proper walking heels and adjust to walking in them especially for a long period of time.

3. Platform Development

Locally, we have not been strangers to contestants that pick up a cause a few months before the pageant or perhaps bluff their way through. With measures in place with the pandemic, obviously, some cautious steps must be taken, but you can still plan ahead. Connecting with different organizations to express your interest in working with them, planning your own functions or ideas to bring your advocacy to life will definitely change the game for your pageant experience. When we talk about things we love doing, it comes natural. That is why I'd definitely implore you to get to work so that you're not grasping for straws at the last minute.

So, tell us a little bit about your platform.

I'm rooting for all of the contestants that will put in the work and have it all pay off. There's nothing wrong with being prepared and aware of weak areas that need to be strengthened. There's a lot more things that you can work on during this time, such as fitness goals, talent development and so much more. Use this opportunity to enhance or otherwise develop skills that you never had.

To an unforgettable 2021 Pageant Season. Hopefully not as unforgettable as this one.


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