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"P.S. Girl Search" FAQs


What is "P.S. Girl Search"?

“P.S. Girl Search” is an online search to find two young ladies in age categories 7-17 and 18-26. This competition targets young girls and women who are

interested in training in the areas of modeling, 

pageantry and etiquette, interested in becoming change agents in The Bahamas, have a platform/cause that they’d like to advocate and would

 like to undergo mentor-ship. 

This program seeks to polish these young ladies 

especially those interested in pageantry. With 

glitz and glamour considered, it is also a path to ensure that they begin a portfolio and network

within the beauty and non-profit industries.


Who can enter?

Young ladies (born females) in the age categories 7-17 and 18-26. Ladies who are interested in becoming more groomed and polished in the areas of modeling, etiquette, branding, beauty and who also would like be mentored in the areas of confidence, self-esteem and spiritual guidance. Ladies interested in giving back to their community with their respective platforms. Ladies especially interested in pageantry in the future but it is not a requirement. 


How does the competition work?

Participants are asked to upload a 1-minute long video (videos over the time limit will be marked down during judges deliberation) to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #PSGirlSearch and tagging P.S. O'Brian Consulting. In the video, they are to state what they think it means to be a queen and if they had a platform/cause they would advocate for, what would it be and why?

The two most impressive videos will be chosen by a panel of judges and the winners announced on December 7, 2018.


How will I know that my video has been seen and included with other entries?

We recommend that private profiles be made public during the duration of the competition to ensure that all videos are seen. P.S. O'Brian Consulting will post a comment under your video to acknowledge your entry. Participants are free to direct message/inbox us on our pages, to ensure that their entry was acknowledged.


How many videos can I post?

Only ONE video will be counted per participant. We suggest posting the best video.


What is the judging criteria?

Videos will be judged based on creativity, personality, content and overall presentation. Quality of video will not be a determining factor, however, we encourage persons to film in bright light.


Can I film on behalf of someone else, my daughter, sister or friend etc.?


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