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Chantel O'Brian, Head Pageant Coach of P.S. O'Brian Consulting

We Invest in Confidence

P.S. O'Brian Consulting dedicates its work to offering the best of quality training to its clients. With 10+ years experience, our aim is to empower, enrich and instill the best of knowledge and coaching both locally and internationally. Are you ready for transformation in your walk, speech and presentation?

Chantel O'Brian


P.S. O'Brian Consulting

O’Brian seeks to challenge, encourage and brand young girls and women who aspire to attain pageant success, perfect runway skills, as well as develop change agents for the future.  Its objective is to mold and sculpt girls and women of character who will use the pageant/model platform to advocate important causes and represent The Bahamas/their country on the international stage.  

P.S. O'Brian Consulting Client

I don't even know where to start...this woman changed my life...I thought I hired her to be my runway coach but turns out I gained confidence, erased self-doubts and became a beast..

Danavio Neely - Mr. University of the Bahamas.jpg

Working with Chantel was one of the absolute joys of my pageant experience and my reign to say the least...

P.S. O'Brian Consulting Client

Chantel was very instrumental in helping me secure the international title of Miss Plus World 2021...

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